quinta-feira, março 13, 2008

Anonymous Coward

From Wikipedia
"Anonymous Coward" is a term applied within some online communities to describe users who post without a screen name; it is a dummy name attributed to anonymous posts used by some weblogs that allow posting by people without registering for accounts. The practice, which had its roots in BBS and USENET culture, was made especially popular on Slashdot, where the mildly derogatory term is meant to chide anonymous contributors into logging in. Some weblog engines such as Scoop use the term "Anonymous Hero" instead, perhaps to avoid the name's confrontational nature. Others use stronger varieties, like Plastic.com's "Anonymous Idiot", and SuicideGirls' "Random Fuckbag".
Cuidado com eles.

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Nina Thunder disse...

Eu uso absolutamente todas as feramentas disponíveis para evitar esses "módafãckers".