terça-feira, abril 24, 2007

Beautiful Couple Revised

When I see them together happiness shies in their eyes
If I feel sad inside I become to be all right
When they’re wandering aimless sun kisses their skin
For whom rings the bell? For Rodrigo and Emmanuele

They live in the bottom of my heart
They clear my way when life is very hard
It’s good to know their love is still growing
It makes happy when I’m feeling down

Some day they will be three or more, I hope to see
Children smiling on the lap of the beautiful singer
And tough many years will pass we’ll still listening the bell
Long life for the love of Rodrigo and Emmanuele

Essa é do Jorge Maia. Uma re-edição de uma antiga música. Depois vai rolar o áudio.

Valeu, Jorge!

Um comentário:

Emmanuele disse...

Socorro!!! Tradução!!!
Isso, por enquanto, hj tenho aula de inglês...hohohohoh
beijos, meu amor!
Valeu Jorge!